We are pleased to present PMBC Research Bulletin No. 76 which covers aspects on biodiversity, ecology, and toxicology. Papers dealing with biodiversity include some results from the Biodiversity of the Andaman Sea Shelf (BIOSHELF) project: one paper with a description of a new species of the deep-water fish genus Bembradium and another with the description of a new species of the bigscale (Melamphaidae) genus Melamphaes. A third paper covers the deep-sea fish orders Beryciformes and Stephanoberyciformes, also from the Andaman Sea. Other biodiversity papers add the double-lined mackerel Grammatorcynus  bilineatus to the Thai ichthyofauna, as well as an overview of the entire Thai fauna of cephalopods with the addition of five species new to Thailand.

The papers covering ecology include a review and synthetis of the recent history of the coral reefs and their environments in Tang Khem Bay, Phuket, Thailand during a period of forty years. Biotic interactions are dealt with in a study on the community structure of Acetes shrimps where habitat selection was recorded and how it was influenced by visual contact and pheromones from a predatory fish. The biotic interactions between sea cucumbers of the genus Synaptula and different sponges were investigated in another study.

The toxicological studies include one test of the toxicity of crude oil on the morphology and behavior of soldier crabs (Dotilla wichmanni). Another study determined  the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons metabolites (1-Hydroxypyrene and AND 2-Naphthol) in some rocky shore molluscs contaminated with crude oil by the use of gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry, a method that was found to be effective for such studies.

PMBC Research Bulletin is dedicated to marine science and biodiversity in Thai water on the western edge of the Coral Tringle which is recognized as the most diverse tropical marine biological area in the world. Our URL is http://www.dmcr.go.th/pmbcbulletin/.

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